Why our plugin is the best

This plugin has more features than any other similar projects, everything up-to-date so yes we support minecraft 1.14. Almost instant support, helpful documentation pages and so much more...


The most easy way to set a location just execute one command and you can use the location so much as you want, add elements to it and tada your done.



Elements are the main part of this plugin, if you want a bloom, moveable or a shooter. Add one to a location and use the id in your shows or as loose elements.



Who doesn't want things go automatic? After making your show, you just do not have to pay any attention to it so that you can deal with other important things in your server.

Amazing elements for your needs

So elements are the main part of this plugin. Without them you can't show anything to you audience right? So we included 3 types in the lite version of this plugin. More is comming to the premium plugin.